earth love

the anthology 2 

After the success of the first earth love anthology in 2006 (see 'publications'), the second and final anthology features a selection of work from the past six years of the magazine.   

I am pleased to announce the anthology is now available.  Please click above on 'anthology-2013' for more details.  

Thank you .

here are the links to the footage:

Ben Sgulaird: 

(Henry Reed, 'The Naming of Parts', Alfred Lord Tennyson, 'The Charge of the Light Brigade.')

(John Keats, 'Endymion', Tawona Sithole, 'Casting Off.') 

(William Ernest Henley, 'Invictus', Agnes Marshall, 'In Loving Memory of Alexander', Wendy Miller, 'Death Holds my Gaze', Tracy Patrick, 'Joe.') 

(Tracy Patrick, 'Monkey Puzzle', Federico Garcia Lorca, 'Little Viennese Waltz', Andrew Marvell, 'His Coy Mistress', Wendy Cope, 'Rondeau Redouble', Ray Evans, 'The Bird's Shadow Always Falls in the Nest', Daphne Gulland, 'Listen to the Song of Your Soul', Antony Johae, 'Not far to Galillee.')

(Shakespeare Sonnet read by Leon Firth.)

(Mercedes Clarasso, 'The Sound of Summer', Vincent Berquez, 'The Point Possible', John Light, 'Try Again', Basia Palka, 'Poem.')

(Tracy Patrick, 'Feart-nan-Gall', Michael Wright, 'The Message', Billy Collins, 'The Country', W B Yeats, 'Paudeen.')

(Lewis Caroll, 'Jabberwocky', Edwin Morgan, 'Midges.')


Ben Lomond:

(Tracy Patrick, 'Mountain Limerick', Liz Lochhead, 'Almost Miss Scotland', Percy Bysshe Shelley, 'Love's Philosophy', JoAnne McKay, 'Moment', Elizabeth Bishop, 'One Art.')

(Hafiz, 'Now is the Time.') 

(Shakespeare Sonnet read by Leon Firth.) 

(Deirdre Dwyer, 'The Blue Egg', Anon, 'Friend', Kenneth C Steven, 'Sometimes', Neil Sturgeon, 'Weaving Musical Threads', Betty McKellar, 'Cycling on the Auld Railway Track', Rachel Jury, extract from 'Miss Smith', Edwin Morgan, 'John Muir', Alan Wright, 'Cry Out'.)

(Robert Service, 'The Call of the Wild' for Dougie Connor.) 

earth love

on top of the world!

...well,not literally.  But I'm pleased to be able to announce that this intrepid editor made it to the top of the mountain!  Two mountains to be exact...

As you'll see from the video footage, the initial expedition to Ben Sgulaird took place in torrential rain; the farther we climbed, the wetter and colder it became!  It was too dangerous to read all the poems from the summit due to the risk of exposure so some of the poems were read from other vantage points elsewhere on Ben Sgulaird.  However, unfavourable conditions and lack of time meant I was unable to read all the poems so...

... on 19 June, I went on a second expedition with Leon Firth, of Paisley Hillwalking Club, this time to Ben Lomond, another Munro, but much kinder and gentler compared to Ben Sgulaird.  On the summit of Ben Lomond, I read the remainder of the poems.  Ironically, though conditions here were drier and warmer, it got very windy at the top.  This means the audio on the Ben Lomond footage is not of very good quality so I've added subtitles which I hope will help.  It took a while to get round these technical issues - I had to learn how to add subtitles and edit footage, which can be quite painstaking and complicated work, not to mention problems with file conversions etc: 'Aargh!'  So apologies if some of the edits are a bit rough.  I'm just getting the hang of it.  After much delay, I thought it best to get the footage out there, so be prepared for a bit of faffing which I didn't get the chance to cut out!

I've added links opposite, and information so you can locate your poem and dedication.  If you didn't give me a poem to recite then Edwin Morgan, 'John Muir' is dedicated to you.  The Robert Service poem is a special dedication to Dougie Connor.  Doing the climb was a lot of fun and I hope you'll enjoy the poems, and the stunning scenery from one of Scotlands remotest peaks, and another of its most beautiful and most popular.

Thank you to Leon Firth from Paisley Hillwalking Club (
for guiding me safely and enjoyably up the mountains, and for taking on the job of filming; thank you to Uncle Walter and Dawn and to Michael Q Black loaning me their cameras; and most of all, thank you to everyone who sponsored me a poem.  I'm pleased to say the expedition was a success and raised enough funds to allow the earth love anthology to go ahead.  If I don't already have your contact details and you would like to receive information on the anthology, or an invite to the launch, please contact me at:

(Please note that I am currently having problems with hotmail which means I cannot access the old email address at: If you have already sent your details to this address, could you please resent them to the above address. Sorry for the inconvenience). 

In the meantime, you can find out more about my climb on my blog at: 

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen.


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