earth love anthology

In 2006, earth love produced its first proper bound anthology featuring poems selected from the first fourteen issues of the magazine, and also featured an unpublished poem kindly contributed by the late Edwin Morgan, titled 'John Muir.' 

The book was launched at an event in the Scotia Bar, Glasgow and featured readings from local writers such as Jack Hastie, Audrey Marshall, Suzanne Muir Scott, Alex Cuthbert, Cartriona Newman, Sandra E Lang, Derenz, Eleanor Livingstone and Alexander Hawksville. And from writers who travelled from far afield to support the event - Margaret Boles, Ireland; Jacqueline Anita Zacharais, York; Frances Jessup, Haslemere; Julie Rutherford, London. A fantastic musical set was provided by Glasgow singer/songwriter Ian Davison. 

The anthology raised at total of £436.00, that was donated to the WWF Climate Campaign, Trees for Cities, and People and Planet.

All copies are now sold out.



earth love animal booklet 

The earth love animal booklet sold out like honey in a beehive (well, I tried to find an original similie!). I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched the ever-diminishing stacks! Thanks to everyone who included a copy in a Christmas stocking, and not least to all the poets who gave their wonderful contributions. I have received many letters and requests for more copies, saying the poems have been greatly enjoyed. I am pleased to announce a fabulous £243.00 was raised for charity, shared between our animal friends as follows:
RSPB: £58.89
PETA: £58.89

All copies are now sold out. 

 leaves of poetry

In 2009, earth love worked with US poetry editor, Stacy Savage, to produce an anthology of poems dedicated to our arboreal companions, the trees.  The resulting chapbook, Leaves of Poetry, features the winning entries from our 'Poetree' competition: Loretta Diane Walker, A C Clarke and Andrea Dietrich, as well as the top sixty poems from poets in the UK, US and around the world, celebrating trees in all their guises.  The beautiful cover is by Tina Negus.  All proceeds from the chapbook go directly to Ancient Forest International, located in Redway, California.  See:

Copies of the book are available from: 

See the competitions page for a list of the top sixty poets. 

anthology 2013

This proper bound anthology has been prepared to mark the closure of earth love in May 2012 after eleven fantastic years.  Poems were selected from issues 15 to 43 of the magazine, picking up where the 2006 anthology left off.

Featuring a diversity of voices, from prizewinning Gaelic poet, Angus Peter Campbell, to Paisley punk poet, Graham Fulton, from Jewish-Hungarian poet, Eszter Forriai, to work in Farsi from Iranian writer, Mahmoud Farzan, this farewell anthology continues the earth love legacy of how writing about our environment can also help preserve it.

It will be launched on Tuesday 26 February in a poetry and music extravegenza at the world famous Scotia Bar in Glasgow.  Come along and support the event and wish earth love a fond farewell! 

I am pleased to announce that the final earth love anthology has raised a total of £630.00!  The largest amount raised by an earth love publication.  The proceed have been donated as follows:

Animals Asia: £200.00

RSPB: £50.00

IFAW: £50.00

Compassion in World Farming: £150.00

Marine Conservation Society UK: £80.00

Badger Trust: £50.00

PETA: £50.00

There are still copies of the anthology available from this website and from Amazon (go to 'books' and search under earth love), and from Abbey Books.  The 2006 anthology is now being sold as a collector's item so get your copy while you can!

Many thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.   

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