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I am 38 years old and live and work (for the NHS) in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. I studied English and Creative Writing at Barnsley College. After writing a magazine for the NHS for five years, I started to write poetry in 1999. I have had poetry published in numerous poetry magazines across the United Kingdom, I have had poetry featured in a poetry project by Channel Four Television, I have had peoms anthologised in books, poems featured at arts and literature festivals, been short-listed in poetry competitions, and I have self-published poetry collections.

English is my second language; born into the Nazi era with a Jewish background, escaped Auschwitz only because the war ended, (my grandparents did not). After a varied career as a draughtswoman and EFL teacher, drifted into archaeology (six years in the field), went to Canterbury Uni to strengthen this (three years) and upon 'retirement' now give lectures/slides, talks on this subject. Have 'written' all my life and 'went public' in 1996, throwing my thoughts into the masses!

Born in Cheshire, Pamela Hopes has interests including Ikebana style Japanese flowers and creative writing. "I studied writing at Reading University and my work is influenced by the late John Clare," she remarked. "I would like to be remembered for my nature poetry and my romantic writings." Pamela is a sales promotion agent, married to Fred. "I have written stories and articles and over 500 poems, many of which have been published," she said. "The person I would most like to be for a day is a friendly editor and I would love to have met either Diana, Princess of Wales or D H Lawrence." Pamela also won first prize for a haiku poem, published in Spetember by White Tower Writers' Group of Doncaster, W Yorkshire. Their magazine is called, 'Launch Pad'.

Mervyn Linford, born 1946 in Fleet, Hampshire. Spent early years in London's east end. Moved to Pitsea (Essex) in 1951. Now lives in Southend-on-Sea. Educated Timberlog County Secondary Modern School (Basildon, Essex). Has worked in sales, transport and construction. Spent two years in the armed forces. Active member of Southen Poetry Group. Contributor of poetry to magazines including 'Acumen', 'Outposts', 'Orbis', 'Sol', 'Weyfarers', 'Iota', 'Staple', 'New Hope International', 'The London Magazine', 'PN Review', 'Candelabrum', 'The Countryman' and 'Earth Love', and to the RCP's 1998 anthology THE RED CANDLE TREASURY. Has had work twice included in The Independant Newspaper's Poem of the Day Section, and broadcast on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Essex and Radio Essex. Won the 1985 Hastings Open Poetry Competition and the 1989 John Clare Poetry Competition. Third prize in the 1986 Douglas Gibson Memorial Poetry Competition. Has been highly recommended in many other competitions. Book publications include TWO ESSEX POETS (with Frederick Vanson) and TALKING TO THE BEES (The Brentham Press, St Albans), and AUTUMN MANUSCRIPT published in December 2001.
Mervyn Linford has often been on walkabout, like John Clare and W H Davies, with both of whom he has a fellow feeling "not only for their sometimes itinerant life style but also for their deep love of nature, and becuae despite their lack of formal edutcation they devoted their lives to self-improvement and the pursuit of poetry." His work has been remarked on favourably by Michael Schmidt of Carcanet.
"I enjoyed all Linford's poems and look forward to his next collection." - Angela Topping (ORE)
"Linford is a craftsman of the finest sort. He carves meaning and metaphor, observation and emotion, into dynamic shapes, leaving no unpolished images...He is always connected to the rhythms and cadences of nature and to the changing seasons." - Hilary Mellon (OU Poetry Society)
"Get your copy (Autumn Manuscript) all poetry lovers out there! It would be a bargain at double the price." - ML McCarthy (Editor, Candelabrum)

Mervyn Linford has also devised his own sonnet form, examples of which can be found in Earth Love, issue eight. If you would like to have a go at writing in this particular form, Mervyn's advice is as follows:
"The rhyme scheme is ABA - CDC - DCD - ABA - CD. Although mostly in iambic pentameter, I do allow myself the lattitude if necessary to use as few a eight syllables or as many as twelve. Pararhyme and enjambment are part of the form so as to stop the rhythms and rhymes becoming too predictable and as far as the final couplet is concerned, if rhymes are in short supply I often change the rhyme scheme accordingly ie: ending with BD. Phew!"

Born Cardiff, Wales. Taught music and piano for 45 years, in schools and privately at home. Self-employed the last 17 years. Classically trained, played in Concerts for many years. Also composed classical music. Later, wrote lyrics, pop-music and theme tunes, and was a member of 2 bands on keyboards; 'VISION', a Cabaret Band and 'M4' a Dance Band. Appeared on National TV in 'Pub Entertainer of the Year', as we won our local heat two years running. Retired from teaching in Easter 2002. Have been writing poetry since 1994 and have had over 200 poems published in a wide variety of small-press magazines eg. Iota, Advance, Purple Patch, Roundyhouse, The Interpreter's House, Poetry Monthly, Poetry Nottingham International, Dial 174, The Affectionate Punch, Earth Love etc.
Also been placed in a number of Poetry Competitions. My favourite poets are Derek Mahon, Dylan Thomas, Seamus Heaney and R S Thomas. Hobbies - gardening, reading, politics, decorating. Widowed with two daughters.


R L Cook is Scottish. His poems have appeared in a wide variety of magazines and periodicals in Britain, the USA and elsewhere over the past five decades, including Earth Love. Eight collections of his poetry have been published in Britain. He has also been a spare-time editor and publisher of poetry.


Steven Ronald Langley, was born and raised a Londoner in the early fifties, the eldest of six siblings, (it is rumoured), but after 18 years sojourn in the suburbs of the South East, growing and knowing and sowing, (as you do), he set off to seek his fortune - but found the sea instead! After years sailing the world in the Merchant Navy, he returned to England, but not to London; some years later, he still hadn't found his fortune, but fortunately, had found his muse! He has been writing poetry of all genres and styles for over a decade now and has been published widely in Poetry magazines across the UK. He currently lives in the vibrant capital of the North West - Manchester, with his wife and 3 of his 5 children and of course Biggles his dog and Merry his cat! And yes, he does support the all time greatest football club ever - Bury FC!


Les Merton was born, bred and reared in Cornwall. He left school at fifteen to continue his education at the School of Hard Knocks and the University of Life. All this prepared Les for his current role in life as a dialectician, writer and editor of Poetry Cornwall/Bardhonyeth Kernow.
Les covers many different aspects with his writing: his latest poetry collection, 'As Yesterday Begins' ISBN 1-904781-30-4 is a demonstration of this. Published by bluechrome publishing, at £7.99 and available from all good book shops or alternatively visit the publisher and order on line www.bluechrome.co.uk


Neil Hepworth is 28 years old. Born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire in 1976, and has remained in this area ever since.
Says Neil, "My life has been exposed to nature on a regular basis. The West Yorkshire region boasts some fine nature parks; country walks and access to the Peak District. Our family have also been keen animal lovers, keeping several pets over the years. As for poetry, I am fairly new to it. I had never written any until the age of 18, when I spent a long spell of time out of work, so began writing poetry as an outlet for depression. But that poetry was, to my mind, poor and was deleted a long time ago. I didn't write again until I was around 26. Over the past two years I have made many attempts to publish poetry - works relating to life experiences; nature; love; objective views on politics, society, history, anything really. I have contacted dozens of magazines and publishers with very little response and very little positive feedback. Over the past two years then, my renaissance if you like, I have compiled well over 100 poems, embracing several styles, concepts, various subjects and reflecting my feelings at the time. All of my works, whether they are 5 lines or 50 lines in length, are written in one draft. Only occasionally do I edit them or redesign their format. The inspiration - the spur of the moment - that, to me, remains the core value of personal poetry. Your views; your feelings. Doesn't matter if they don't rhyme or make no sense, they represent you.
In the meantime I will continue to write and be inspired by nature's glory.


Vivien Steels lives in Nottingham and graduated from Reading University in 1974 (with a B.Ed.(Hons) in English Literature and Education). Retired from teaching/lecturing in 1987 due to the illness M.E., she writes (mainly) poetry (but also short stories and articles) and paints in watercolours/acrylics. She has now had over 240 poems (some with artwork) published in small poetry presses and on the internet (plus artwork) with ongoing local exhibitions of her paintings and illustrated poetry. She was the poetry editor of the online magazine WRITE-AWAY during 2005/6.  Vivien has recently been studying at Nottingham University doing a part-time course in Creative Writing and attending a Writers' Workshop at Nottingham Writers' Studio.  She has won first prize in FAME writing competition with Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Nottingham, linked to an Andy Warhol exhibition from 29 Mar - 14 July 2002.
Vivien was second in Lowdham Book Festival 2000 poetry competition and runner up in a 'Write Like D H Lawrence' Poetry Competition in 2005.  In 2008 she won the Quill & Parchment Website Award for Excellence in Poetry & Prose for her new website "Talking Paint" @ www.freewebs.com/viviensteels
Vivien has 4 books of poetry available, with colour illustrations entitled PROMISE, MANDALA, SECRETS and her most recent, HOME FROM HOME.  They can all be purchased from her website.
She also has published prose in Cat World Annual 1995, Colwick Park Wildlife Magazine Nos 16 & 32, The Dragon Chronicle Nos 23 & 25, Gentle Reader and Quill & Parchment.  Subjects range from The Slaughter of our Garden Birds to The Greenhouse Effect and The Art of Forgiveness. www.freewebs.com/viviensteels


I am an artist, poet and curator and sometimes work in broadcasting and journalism - but mostly I am an artist and poet. I have published in the UK, Europe, America and New Zealand.
My poems are in various anthologies and collections. I was asked to write a tribute for 9/11 as part of 'Poems to the American People' from the Hastings International Poetry Festival. I have been commissioned to write a eulogy by the son of Chief Albert Nwanzi Okoluko, the Ogimma Obi of Ogwashi-Uku from Nigeria to commemorate his father's death. I have judged competitions and won a few as well. I have read at The Troubador, the Pitshanger Poets, Waltham Abbey and will read at a dubious dive next week in Soho. My next collection will be with the Dandelion Press, in English and French, which I am endeavouring to translate myself as I originate from Celtic France, the deep south of the country, just by Spain. In art I created collages, paintings, prints, and drawings, which I have exhibited in many countries. I have won prizes, including a first at Novum Comum 88' in Como, Italy. I work with the art's group Eins von Hundert from Koln, Germany for many years now.
I am always on the look out for new opportunities for exhibitions or publishing my work if you know owners of galleries, editors, etc.



(b. 1984) Grew up in the industrial new town of Telford. He left as quickly as he could to study literature at Lancaster University and then moved to Japan to teach English, where he began a creative writing group and led seminars in contemporary British fiction.  In 2007 Jones completed his Masters in Creative Writing at Edinburgh University and then went on to train as an English teacher at Nottingham University.  he is now researching for his PhD on 'The Science Fiction Poetry of Edwin Morgan' with Edinburgh University.  Jones' poetry won the Grierson Verse Prize (2007), was shortlisted for the ERic Grefory Award (2008) and long listed for the Bridport Prize (2007).  his work has appeared in a number of books and magazines internationally. 



Was born in Jerome, Arizona in 1937 and grew up in Clarkdale nearby.  He earned a degree in English from Northern Arizona Univeristy, Flagstaff, in the 1950s and '60s, during which time he became a Conscientious Objector and participated in American Friends Service Committee projects in Pheonix, Greensboro (NC) and Americus (GA).  He worked the usual jobs in grocery stores, hotels, a bookstore, a weekly paper etc., and was a research analyst for a multi-county planning agency.  He has also lived in Tuscon, Holbrook (AZ), Alamagordo (NM) and Durango (CO).  He moved to New Mexico in the 1960s while working for the US Forest Service and has worked for the US Postal Service in Albuquerque for 35 years.  He dropped out of Mensa after a few years, finding it boring.  Neal has no computer but keeps three clipboards next to his bed and writes almost everything on a typewriter as old as he is.  He still uses carbon paper.  He is the author of The Illuminoids: Secret Societies and Political Paranoia (conspiracy theory, 1978), Seven by Seven: Interviews with American Science Fiction Writers of the West and Southwest (1996), the Leakoids: Newsalizing the Nation (Leak News Service Satires, 2006) and Interview with Todd Moore (2006).  He has published the following poetry chapbooks: Expressions in Black and White (witih Jon Graham, 1970), The Ozoids: Limericks in Oz (1986), The March of Politics (2004), Rhymed and Dangerous (2005), Last Train to New Zealands (2007) and Pump Prime (2008).  His short story 'Galapagoed' won first place in the 2006 fiction competition at Oasis Journal and his poem 'Disneyesque' was nominated for the 2007 Rhysling Award.  His interest in science fiction / fantasy led to his contributions to publications such as Science Fiction Review, Inter-Dimensional Journal, Black Petals, Outer Darkness and many others.  In recent years his poems have appeared in US zines such as Chiron Review, Nerve Cowboy, Alpha Beat Soup, Birmingham Arts Journal and others.  Overseas, he has appeared in UK publications such as Monomyth, Moodswing and Earth Love and, internationally, in various publications as diversely as Canada, Holland, India, Australia and New Zealand.  He has a rudimentary knowledge of Southwest American Indian culture, having been married to the late educator / artist / poet, Ramona Puhuyesva, for close to thirty years.  His son, Warran Asa Wilgus and his wife Courtney are active in drama and musical theatre in Memphis and elesewhere.       


I was born in London and studied English and German at London University.  I have written four books so far and would like to write some more.  They are: The Penguin Dictionary of English Idioms (with David G. Hinds-Howell), Bildiche Redewendungen - Englisch published by Langenscheidt, Wallpaper Whizzie (please see the video book trailer for Wallpaper Whizzie on Youtube!) and Tinki and the Cloud Fairies.  I enjoy writing poetry very much.  You can see some of them on my www.saltcross.com website.  I have also put my favourite English poems here and some beautiful inspirational poems.  I am happy to have two poets amongst my ancestors: Agnes Rous Howell and Charles Gulland.  I wrote my first poem many years ago when we were living in Vienna.  Our neighbours had a garden party and were playing Golden Oldies while I was trying to go to sleep.  I loved these songs and they put me in a pensive mood.  The words of my poem ‘A Pagan Love Song’ came into my head, one line every half hour right through the night!  I think I only got one hour’s sleep that night but by the time it was morning I was very thrilled to have written my very first poem.  My second poem, River of my Dreams, came to me out of the blue and I was able to write it down at top speed within five minutes!  This surprised me and then I realised that I was in touch with a spirit poet in the spiritual world.  I was very happy about this and after this I just had to ask to be inspired, pick up my pen and let him dictate the poems to me, also at top speed!  I was very much delighted when Tracy accepted my poems and published them in her Earth Love poetry magazine.  Thank you Tracy, and I wish you lots of luck in future years with all your projects. 

                     Love and best wishes,


NABU has a book marker in the shape of a tree  as an advertisement and there is a poem at the back: 

“Ich geh im Urwald für mich hin,

Wie schön, dass ich im Urwald bin:

Man kann hier noch so lange wandern,

ein Urbaum steht neben dem andern.

Und an den Bäumen, Blatt für Blatt,

hängt Urlaub.  Schön, dass man ihn hat!“

                                                         Heinz Erhardt

Very freely translated by me:

 “I’m going for a walk in this ancient wood,

How lovely to be on this way.

However far I walk

I have before me ancient trees

As many as my eyes can see.

And on the trees, leaf upon leaf,

I see the word ‘Holiday’.

How lovely to be here today!”



Graham Fulton has been writing and performing poetry since 1987 and has been published in many major magazines, anthologies, newspapers and online journals, in both the UK and USA, including Edinburgh Review, Chapman, Cencrastus, Scottish Literature in the 20th Century, Ambit, Stride, Staple, Iron, Orbis, Envoi, Word Riot, The Potomac, California Quarterly, Barbaric Yawp, The North, Poetry Nottingham, Other Poetry, Glasgow Herald, Scotland on Sunday, Illyas's Honey, Concho River Review, Poetry Super Highway.  He also used to be on the editorial Board of West Coast Magazine.  His published collections include: Humouring the Iron Man (Polygon), This (Rebel Inc), Knights of the Lower Floors (Polygon), Ritual Soup and Other Liquids (Mariscat Press), Inner Circle (Controlled Explosion Press).



Works in educational media in the Sacramento area although his first love is language and the printed word.  He has been published in California Quarterly, Rosebud, Windsor Review, Poetry Nottingham, Amherst Review and others.  In 1996 his work was included in an issue of the British publication, Virgil, in a special edition entitled, 'Figures in an American Landscape.'  



Lives in Scunthorpe, and has been published widely in the UK in such magazines as Battlestar, Dream Catcher, Splizz, and Fire, and also in the USA, Canada and Australia.      


Was born and lives in Tralee, Ireland.  His poems have been published in over thirty countries in journals such as: A Bard Hair Day, Canopy, Cotyledon, Cyphers, Eclipse, Fife Lines, Image Nation, Kotaz, Merseyside ARts Journal, Moonstone, New England Review, New Orphic Review, 'O,' Orbis, Perimeter, Poetry Ireland Review, Poetry Salzburg Review, Pulsar, Still, Studies, The Poet Tree, The Shop, The Stinging Fly, The World, and Zygote.  His collection, Prophesying the Past is due from Salmon in 2010.  He edits DOGHOUSE Books.   




(Review by submitted by the author.  First printed in Purple Patch Poetry Magazine.  Voted best individual collection by Dial 174).  Originates from Derbyshire and now teaches in Ostrava.  His collection Slow Crawl to the East is a journal of that journey in prose and poems.  Occasionally the prose reveals a striking image, a cathedral's interior 'makes one feel like a mouse in a wedding cake' but is more usually lazy, a night of fireworkds is compared with Beirut (a comment that belongs to the killjoys who dominate the letters pages of local newspapers).  Poems illustrate eg. in 'Gray,' a gray curtain came down over the gray land / and I was unable to find its parting. / Then in the night, the snows came down, / all embracing...' or in 'Grudzien' (Polish for December), 'harsh whistles sounding through the greyness of the day / from the place where the leaves had danced in the streets. / Here I might end my spell, counting out my dates in the foothills / evening in Bratislava, listening to Enya in Christmas Square,' but don't illuminate. Ultimately I was puzzled as to the intended audience.  It's not detailed enough to be a true diary or travelogue - names are dropped with no explanation as to their relationship with the author, we don't know if villages are travelled through or taught in and we don't know whether people are hosts, students or friends - and not poetic enough to appeal to a poetry reader.  Slow Crawl to the East available from the author @ £3.00 plus 60p P&P.  61 Mill Road, Watlington, Norfolk, PE33 0HH. 




Resides in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and has been writing in his spare time for over three years.  He mainly writes poetry and short fiction, about anything and everything that moves him.  His publishing credits include Twisted Tongue Magazine, Tales from the Moonlit Path, Conceit Magazine, Ghostlight, Bare Back Magazine, Amulet, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine and Blinking Cursor.  He has also been featured in 3 anthologies: - A Collection of work from Writers Wall.com sold through Lulu.com, Gene Genii, a collection of Flash works sold through Amazone, and the Tacu May 2009 Anthology available through Lulu after a 4th place credit in their competitioin.  He also writes nonfictioin through www.triond.com and has a showcase website www.withlovetoyou.com 




Was born in 1969 to the gasoling rumble of distant adventure.  He studied Art in Bradfors, wrote for a music magazine, travelled and then trained as a teacher.  he writes and performs in the West Midlands.  His work has been published online and in print including The Canon's Mouth and 3a.m. Magazine.  he has a poem on teh Polesworth Poetry Trail and has often been broadcast on Radio Wildfire.  An early collection of writing entitled 'Notown' is available from Blackheath Books.




Was born in Liverpool and became interested in poetry from an early age.  He has written since his teens and was an active member of the Dead Good Poets whilst living in Liverpool.  He now lives in Loughborough and has just completed an MA in Counsellling at Nottingham University.  He works as a humanistic counsellor (mainly person-centred and existential) in his own private practise.  He also has a BA in Philosophy and taught in Primary Schools for twenty years.  He will soon be returning to live in the NW of England, in Cheshire.  He has many poems out (or about to come out) in print in various e-zines and magazines including Sonnetto Poesia, Decanto, The Dawntreader, Poetry Cornwall, Countryside Tales, Sarasvati, The Tower Journal, The Pen and Rubies in the Darkness.  He is also in the Macmillan Cancer Charity Anthology, Soul Feathers.  He is putting together a collection of poems as it is his ambition to have a book out soon.  Since he is also a keen landscape and nature photographer, he would eventually like to combine his poetry and photography in an illustrated book.  He has also had several articles about poetry printed.  He likes musical poetry which speaks to him about life.  He prefers to write with rhyme, metre and lyricality and enjoys experimenting with form and rhyme structure.  He also writes free verse when the subject suits it.  His favourite subjects are the philosophy of life, the soul, love, nature and the sea. He reads poetry voraciously and always has at least four books on the go at once.  His favourite traditional poets inlcude Eliot, Yeats, Frost, Tennyson, Shelley, Hardy, Larkin, Blake, Donne, Mew, Whitman, Clare and Millay.  Of the living poets, he likes Carol Anne Duffy, Roger McGought, Fleur Adcock, Don Patterson and Mary Oliver best.  David is married with two children.  He also has a very keen interest in board gaming (owning over 200 games).  He plays the sax and the piano, has a very eclectic musical taste and has made several albums with a band in the 80s.  He supports Liverpool Football Club and enjoys cricket, snooker and golf.




Lives in Laindon, Essex where he was raised and educated.  He worked mainly as a computer games journalist before quitting in a blaze of glory to concentrate on writing poetry, his epiphany coming after a chance encounter wih Allen Ginsberg on 4am TV.  He appeared on TV a handful of times on the channel XLeague, writing for them as well as a longer stint with Enemy Down to a membership of over 200,000.  Grant has been published (under various names including RT Dekko & Charles D'Mar) in numerous magazines, such as The Rialto, Neon Highway, Mood Swing, First Time and others.  His work has featured in a small number of compendiums, including Dogma Publishing's Miracle at St Bede's.  Also, he has had poems exhibited at his local gallery a number of times as well as at the Quayside gallery in Maldon, Essex.  He came first runner up at the age of sixteen in Ottakar's National Poetry Competition with a poem entitled Delicacy. 



Tina admits to being older, and slower, than she would wish, but is actively engaged in several artistic forms – painting, photography, poetry, with interests in archaeology, natural history, history. She studied Natural Sciences, specialising in Ecology, but later taught ceramics (and still has withdrawal symptoms from the touch and smell of clay). She has had awards for her painting and sells her work locally in Lincolnshire , and has had paintings and photographs used as book covers, most notably the rainbow cover of Brian Cox’s book “The Quantum Universe”. Tina is married with four sons and one grand-daughter.  Tina's latest collection of poetry, On the Other Side, is due out on 26 October 2012, published by Indigo Press and can be obtained by clicking on this link: http://www.indigodreamsbookshop.com/#/tina-negus/4567933899 

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